Audio Guide

We have created an Audio Guide to the Mausoleum to help you enjoy your visit. The Guide will explain the background history of the site, and walk you around the building, including inside the Crypt (for which you will need a key, see below).


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Key for the Mausoleum

To fully appreciate the Monteath Mausoleum you will want to see inside the Crypt where two huge angels guard the sarcophagus, and pale sunlight filters down through the stars in the roof.

A key for the massive oak doors is available from Lothian Estates Office, Bonjedward, TD8 6UF just off the A68 about a mile north of Jedburgh. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. There is a £5 fee plus a returnable deposit of £5. This income helps us maintain the building.

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