Sunday, 14 February 2021 21:14

So who was the mysterious Victorian soldier who built a monument to himself in the Scottish Borders?

Local historian and Friend of the Mausoleum, John D. Wood has spent many years researching the background of Thomas Monteath and we have just published the result of John’s work as a downloadable book.

 “Monteath and his Mausoleum” is a cracking yarn of Monteath’s adventures in India at the height of the British Raj, and reveals how, at the age of 62, he came into a fortune that enabled him to build the enigmatic Monteath Mausoleum. John also examines why Monteath built a mausoleum solely for himself, and why it was built on Lilliards Edge.

The book is fully illustrated with a postscript by our Chair David Freeman bringing the story up to date. It can be downloaded for a donation to our funds via PayPal, or email us for other ways to donate. We suggest a donation of £5 to £10, but hey, its a good cause so you can be more generous if you wish. It’s a beautiful high-quality book and a great read!