Friday, 24 July 2020 13:01

We have produced an Audio Guide for visitors to the monument which can be streamed live or downloaded onto mobile phones.

The spectacular Victorian mausoleum on Lilliards Edge near Ancrum has remained accessible for walkers and cyclists during lockdown, although the crypt is currently unavailable. The new Audio Guide takes visitors on a virtual tour of the building and its surroundings, pointing out some of the odd and interesting aspects of the life and death of Sir Thomas Monteath Douglas, who built this grand monument to himself in 1864. The Audio Guide, which is around 15 minutes long can be downloaded or streamed from HERE

Narrator Nicola Toneri said “ We had great fun gathering the information and then making the recording at home surrounded by pillows and duvets to improve the sound quality. One of our members then did the editing and made it available on the website for download. It’s surprising how much can be achieved with a little ingenuity and a lot of enthusiasm”

We are also planning a socially distanced Open Weekend at the mausoleum later this year, when the car park will be open and Friends will be available to greet visitors. Nicola said “As we approach further easing of the lockdown in the coming months, we have plans to open the whole site to visitors, including the crypt with its huge stone angels and amazing star-studded roof. However, this very much depends on the progress of the pandemic. Our first concern will always be for the safety of our visitors”. Keep watching our News page for further details.