Thursday, 20 September 2018 12:07

Temporarily looking more like a Chinese pagoda than a Victorian mausoleum, the restoration work on the Monteath Douglas Mausoleum has finally begun.

The main contractor for the restoration work will be Sandy McLean and Company of Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders. The works tender was put out to four contractors, of which three replied with detailed costings. The selected contractor has considerable experience in similar restoration projects, and their bid price was within our estimated budget.

As a matter of record, the works began on Monday 3rd September, with this first phase expected to be completed by early December (weather permitting), and the full restoration completed by late summer 2019. The main roof and wall works are being funded by WREN and Fallago Environment Fund, and must be finished by February 2019. Minor works, (including the replacement doors) pathway improvements, signage and access facilities are being funded by Fallago and BCCF, with a deadline of August 2019. Day-to-day supervision of the contract is by our works manager Ernie Smail, with the full management group meeting as necessary during the restoration. All we need to complete the works now is a mild autumn!

Built in 1864 by local craftsmen, to a design by Edinburgh architects Peddie & Kinnear, the Mausoleum is a hidden gem of Victorian architecture. It is flanked by two life-sized stone lions, one awake and one sleeping, and features a beautiful domed roof pierced with 48 glass stars.  Inside, impressive carvings of two tall guardian angels can be found.

Please note - during the restoration, the mausoleum and compound will be closed to the public. The track from the A68 may be used by walkers with care, but beware of contractors vehicles. Private vehicles are strictly prohibited from using the track at any time.