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After much work in the background with Tweed Forum, in September 2015 we applied for partial funding for the building restoration to Fallago Environment Fund, a community fund based in the Scottish Borders. They have provisionally awarded us £60,000, subject to 50% match funding from elsewhere. This is our first major funding award and we are now in the process of bidding for match funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and other sources. If successful it will allow for the complete restoration of the building and its surroundings, and improve access for walkers and visitors. The Friends will play a key part in improving access, developing visitor interest and maintaining the landscape around the Mausoleum.

We are, of course, always happy to talk to any supporters who have £60,000 to hand and simply cannot think what to do with it!

Working Party

Our first year of Working Parties has made a huge difference to the visual impact of  the building, both for v
isitors and the casual observer catching a glimpse on the horizon from the A68. For the first time in many years the full enclosure has been opened up and the ground cleared, giving a much better impression of the original grandeur of the site. Thanks to all those who turned out on summer Sundays to attack the ivy and nettles. The next Working Party will be in April 2016, full details will be in the newsletter and on our Facebook page.


We have been inspired by many people and organisations who have restored, or are in the process of restoring, buildings similar to ours. The wonderful restoration at Kilmun in Argyll (which also has a small Douglas Mausoleum) shows what can be done with co-operation and perseverance. For the full story visit their website at

Closer to home is the “other” Monteath Mausoleum, the Archibald Douglas Monteath Mausoleum at the Necropolis in Glasgow. Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis have an Appeal Fund for the restoration of the building.

For those interested in the history and genealogy of the Douglas family, there is no better place to look than The Douglas Archives. This vast website has thousands of entries about the Douglas  Clan, going back to the Middle Ages. A goldmine of information for anyone with a Douglas name or ancestry.

More local to our area is the Borders Family History Society, with a museum and library in Galashiels. They publish an excellent magazine about all aspects of Borders history, and have a website at

A project of a different kind is the fascinating Roman Fort of Trimontium, near Melrose, which was active in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. The Trimontium Trust has done a huge amount of work investigating the site and has an excellent museum in Melrose which is open most days.

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